Posted by: Jacob | December 31, 2009

The Future is Twenty-Ten

Soo we’re totally living in the future tomorrow. It’ll be 2010. We’re entering the period of time where everything is Twenty-whatever. 2010, 2011, 2050, you name it and it sounds like Science Fiction. Because that’s what it is.

We may not have flying cars or moon bases, but we have com-links and the internet. Books are obsolete and you can practically plug your brain into media. We survived through the dystopic wasteland that was supposed to be 1999 and we survived the ambiguous decade of fear and hope and hope and fear. We regurgitated the culture of the past decades because we had it all archived online and now it’s 2010 and we’ve done all that so let’s get on with our lives!

Welcome to the FUTURE! Tomorrow the cool glasses and nano-tattoos come out. Apple is developing a brain jack so you can plug your ipod right into your ibrain. The AIs are waiting in the wings and we’re having genetically optimized children sooner than you can say ‘bad fucking idea.’

Never have I been more excited. Now I can say, “Yeah, it’s Twenty-Ten.” Happy new year.


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